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Fifteen at Subway?

Twenty-five at McDonalds?!

Fifteen at Skyline?


Dining budget’s blown

So that’s where my money goes.

OMG I suck

I’ve started this new thing wherein I’m using mostly cash – my monthly budget broken down into weeks a la that Canadienne financial genius Gail Vaz Oxlade. She hosts ‘Til Debt Do Us Part on some channel I stumbled on a month ago. People who have screwed up their finances contact her, she swoops in and smacks them around, and if they follow her program she gives them $5k to pay down their massive debts.  Jack likes to watch it because it makes him feel superior because financially? He too is a whiz and just doesn’t understand those of us *ahem* who don’t realize that when the money’s gone, you stop spending. I like to watch it because I’m one of those people who chooses not to follow the whole, don’t spend what you don’t have maxim and I’d like to change that. 

It’s been 3 days and … um… I have $5 left in grocery money. We’re stocked for the week and I’d planned to use that money for a milk run. Except I just found out it’s Amelia’s week to bring snack to the soccer game. I wonder if they’ll appreciate a jug of milk and pack of generic Oreos divided equally between 12 girls.

It’s been 3 days and… um… that $70 kids activities/entertainment/dining budget?  Umm… downto$15. OHMIGAH! We’ve spent $55 in dining. In three days.  Let’s break that down… $15 at Skyline, $15 at Subway, $5 at Taco Bell, $20 at McDonalds. No wonder my ass is so fat and my cholesterol is absurd. So… yeah, definitely a red flag area. I almost lied about it, but if you can’t bare your ugly underside to the Internet, where can you bare it?

There are other categories (gifts/clothing, school lunches/allowance, and other) and I’m doing well with those (after three whole days of near saint like restraint).  So, yeah, learning curve and all that… Must stop eating out. It’s killing us financially and otherwise.


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  1. it goes fast, doesn’t it? and i know when i look back i have a hard time believing it!!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how fast money goes if you aren’t keeping a watchful eye? Kinda scary.
    Good luck!

  3. ack! this hits close to home!

  4. Easy come . . . um, no!

    Easy go . . . most definitely.


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