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So Amy and all of her eleven-ness is completely convinced that every thought, action, and turn of phrase that she has/does/says is entirely unique and ohmigawd, can you believe I just thought/did/said that?! How clever am I?! Honestly!  It’s a phase most kids her age go through, but gack! Stop it already.  Get a blog like I did.

“I do this thiiing,” she’ll say while twisting the ends of her hair around her finger. “Where I breathe in? And thenIbreatheout really fast.” And yes, she does sound like a Canadian when she’s on one of her can you believe how unique and awesome I am?! kicks.  Yeah, sweetie, it’s called respiration. All us lucky ones do it.

So anyway, yesterday in the car she’s all, “Ohmigosh! My throat was dry and I just totally swallowed without thinking about it. I do that a lot.” The because I’m amaaazing hung there, unspoken.

So I spoke it.

“That’s amazing! Wow! You swallowed without thinking about it?! Wow!  I. Am. Im.Pressed!!! Wow!”

She giggled. “Mo-om.”

“No,” I continued. “Amazing. You. No one has ever done it like that before. That’s incredible!”

“Actually,” Amelia chimed in from the back seat. “It is kind of amazing. It’s pretty cool how our bodies do things without us thinking about it. It’s efficient.” She nodded seriously and then went back to reading Harry Potter. Geek.

“Yep,” I agreed and then looked pointedly at my eldest (and therefore almost rear ended the Yukon in front of us). “We all do it.”

She nodded and looked down at her notebook -covered by the way with I *heart* Neville – a little bit of a blush coloring her cheeks. “But no one does it exactly like I do,” she whispered.


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  1. I bet her blinking is super special too


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