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Project Overdraft – week 1

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Not that anyone cares, but my first week of living off cash is finished and I am left with a grand total of … drumroll… $11.

I know it’s stupid but I’m kind of proud of myself. Except for the taking of the cash from this section to pay for the wants of that section – that I’m not proud of and will have to work on most diligently in the week to come. I blame being snack mom for soccer this week. It put me over my food budget by $10.00. Honestly, do they need snacks after a game? Aren’t they going home to eat dinner or lunch? And there’s this whole “keeping up with Beckhams” thing when it comes to treats that I’ll get to another time. Don’t these people realize I’m on a budget?

Still – $11. Go on, dance. I’ll wait.  $4 was in gas so I’m just going to roll that over because… well, have you driven lately? D-yamn.  But the other $7? Totally going into my “savings” – and by savings I mean envelope taped to the bottom of my dresser drawer. I’m old school that way.  I also saved all my change and will deposit that whopping $7.32 into our pickle jar of summer fun (official name).  So I guess in all, I didn’t spend $18.32.  People, that’s pretty freckin’ awesome for me.


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  1. I totally overdrew myself – to the tune of about $160. 00 in fees. Pasta for the week!

  2. R, that is great! Your stories and titles crack me up, but it was a great week 1. Congrats.

  3. Great job! If it was easy ANYONE could do it! 😉


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