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Through our strangely AWESOME developed powers of observation Jack and I have determined that Renee would benefit from pre-school so I’ve been researching our options. I have pretty lax requirements for pre-school: proximity, non-pedophile, and price. So far the cheapest I’ve found in my area (and by “my area” I mean within 2 miles of my home) is $135 a month for three 2 1/2 hour days a week. Am I wrong to be offended by the PRICE? I mean BFF Glenda found a school that’s $75 a month for 4  three hour days a week. It’s not in my PROXIMITY or I’d be all over that ass. The school I’m looking at is seriously 2 minutes from my house. That’s awesome PROXIMITY especially given the price of gas. I mean… on nice days, when I’m feeling adventurous, Renee and I could totally walk to school which would probably happen not at all, but still.

And, as BFF Glenda pointed out to me, I’m a dumbass when it comes to numbers and how they work because Renee won’t start kindergarten for two years. I could’ve sworn it was 1. So yeah, I could keep her at home for a year without feeling the pre-school pressure, but dude! We’re talking 7 1/2 hours of uninterrupted me time a week! At the amazingly low price of $135 a month.

Obviously, if I wait a year I’m saving us $1215 (I think. Someone might want to check my math. See paragraph above.) B-yut she’ll have so much fun bossing the other kids around.  Hmmm… what would you do?


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  1. Braden is going to school 3 full days a week for $76 a week, wanna move to Indiana?


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