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Also? Today’s Field Day

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My middle daughter was practically vibrating with excitement this morning because as she so zingingly put it, “It’s Field Day! Can you believe it?! FIELD DAY!”

Field Day is the one day of the school year where School Unity is tossed aside and classes compete against other classes in FIELD EVENTS like tug o’ war, balloon races, corn hole, relay races – whatever. It’s chaos and freaky athletic, competitive kids like Amelia LOVE it as you all could probably tell at 7:14 a.m. when her internal alarm clock went off and she sprang from bed and pronounced it to the world ESPECIALLY HER SLEEPING SISTER WHO’S A TOTAL DIVA WHEN SHE DOESN’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP. “I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Field Day!” Yes, it was she who woke you up.

It has been raining off and on and mostly on for a week. The fields? More like grassy pits of mud. But it’s on rain or shine (and it’s raining), just send your kid in with 2 beach towels, large plastic garbage bags to set the beach towels on, an umbrella, 2 sets of shoes, sunblock, a packed lunch for the picnic, water bottle, sweatshirt or jacket, a watch, and a book.  And oh yeah, our classes’ color is red so if you didn’t splurge for the class shirt we had printed, send your child to school in a plain red t-shirt.

You’d think that perhaps the geniuses who put this thing together might have had a rain out day planned. You’d also think that with 2 1/2 weeks left of school they would want to save something as sparkle-shine SPECTACULAR as FIELD DAY for maybe the last week of school when there’s no point in being there anyway because the book lernin’? She is done, and really we’re just eating up planned snow/disaster days. But whatever. I’m not in administration. I just have some common sense.


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  1. You are right R, total common sense. Our 5th grade field day (the only grade that has one) is on the 21, school ends for the kids on the 22nd. The 22nd is our rain out date. What is your school thinking? 😉

  2. LOL Madison’s original Field Day date was Friday (16th) and it flooded Thursday so they rescheduled for Tuesday (20th) since the fields were so wet (even though Friday was actually a nice day). Well, now they’re calling for rain tomorrow (50% chance). So from what I understand, if it doesn’t rain we’re on…. if it rains… no Field Day this year. Yeah, explain THAT to all the kids. Ugh.

    But thanks for the idea about bringing a garbage bag to put under the beach towel, I wouldn’t have thought of that!


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