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Translation? OMG – My kid is so flippin’ spoiled.

Okay, so in an effort to stay close with our kids Jack and I have date nights with them. Tonight was my night with Helen. It started off fine. She requested Chipotle, so we both ate burritos the size of our heads and laughed about it. We then took a walk through the parking lot and chatted about life. “How ya doin?” “Are you happy?” “Anything you wanna talk about?” and “Seriously? You’re like invisible when you turn sideways. How did you eat that entire thing? I’m like 45 times your size and I could only shovel in half!” Then we went shopping and bought her three summer outfits. Then we went to the Half-Price Bookstore because she wanted this Chuzzle fluffy round dust bunny type thing that we saw there about three years ago. It wasn’t there (shock) so I said we’d hit another bookstore after the movie. She agreed. We went to the movie (Nim’s Island. Very cute.). We enjoyed the movie. She drank a 2 liter and ate an entire bag of popcorn and seriously, where the hell does she put it all?! Then we went to another bookstore to look for that Chuzzle thing. Then we went to another bookstore to look again, but it was closed and our delightful evening was suddenly ruined. Over a damned fluffy pencil topper/keychain whatthefuckever toy.

I know! OH MY GAHD! My freakin’ mother was right (she’s always right. When will I learn?), I give them too much.  Dinner $18, conversation and giggles, Movie $18, discussion afterward – would you like to live on an island? What was your favorite part? clothes $40, snacks at movie? $18, and you’re gonna get all silent and sulky over a $5.00 toy?

Now, in her defense it was late and she’d been up since 7:00 a.m.. I know tomorrow she will hug me and apologize. And I know I will forgive her and we’ll talk about being grateful for what you’re given and what you have, and I know she will understand. But damn, kid. Way to kill my buzz.


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