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First a loose poll. When someone says to you, “Her hair was all one length” do you picture something similar to this:

same length


Right. So do I. So when I asked Jack to trim Renee’s hair to “all one length” with his Flowbee (I’ll get into that later) I really didn’t think he could screw it up. She had a nice, even bob to start with, so set the length and there ya go, right?

Nope. “All one length” to Jack means that each hair is 5 inches long regardless of its point of origin. This child has so many five inch layers of hair on her head that to be honest, I’m really not sure how we’re going to fix it.  It’s kind of a cross between this:

   and this:

Yes, the one on the right is a cute cute, but we’re talking a 3 year old girl who has to sport this look for a year. That’s how long it’s going to take the top five inches to meet the shoulders.



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  1. I have to be quiet because my youngest is attached to my boob asleep right now, but that last post was so funny that there are silent tears rolling down my cheeks!!!!


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