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Perhaps I am full of it

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I spent a good two hours past my bedtime reading TESTIMONIALS of colon cleansers and by the end of the 2nd hour by GOD I wanted one!  There were pictures of dookie and non-dookiethings found within the dookie and the discarded lining of the dookie trail (aka intestines). At 1a.m. this morning I was convinced that my belly fat wasn’t fat at all. Quite simply and obviously it is impacted poop and quite possibly parasites and if I could just take a pill, drink some tea and sift through my feces with chop sticks and then post pictures of whatever the hell this is  (oh my goodness it’s gross) on the Internets that I would be vindicated! And slender.  Thank goodness I keep my credit card nowhere near my computer because I would have CAVED!

In the harsh light of day I’m not sure colon cleansing is for me. I’m poo-obsessed enough as it is, often calling Jack and the girlz into the bathroom to “see what I’ve done!” The last things I need are latex surgical gloves and a digital camera.


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  1. Hey there!

    If you’re still interested in doing a colon cleanse, I have the the all Natural Dr. Natura (most popular on the market) with little results. If you really want a cleanse done to the core and that takes less time, take a look into Colon Hydrotherapy (if you haven’t already) I’ve done that too, and I’ve seen the paracites with my own eyes coming out, and the impacted poop! It’s a great experience, and you feel loads better after! Check into it.



  2. Dude… I did it… I was googling images now… I had some stringing poops just like that image… and I had some yellow seed looking things… (satan eggs?) in my poop… who knows… All I can say… that shit (no pun intended) looks crazy. I took a picture… just to look back on or show a friend that does not believe me…

    Its worth the money for sure… you wake up everyday with a new poop in the bucket

  3. i think that is so neat but gross at the same time how did you do it

  4. Hello,

    If you still have not done this, please consider adding more-than-normal amounts of cayenne or red pepper based hot sauces to your food for a week, along with a good source of fiber like flax. You will see (in the privacy of your bathroom) within 2 days if you have any; personally I am removing thousands of parasites as we speak.


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