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To sleep perchance to

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So last night I went to the local Sleep Disturbance Center (a very appropriate name BTW) to have this snoring/suspected apnea  thing checked out and hopefully get the ball rolling toward the ultra-sexy cpap machine and mask.

  (Iiiiiii wanna sex. you. up!)

Aside from Forest Whitacker being my lab tech, it was really rather dull. There were wires glued to my head and legs and some tube thing stuck up my nose. I was then told to go to sleep and that wake up would be between 5 and 6 a.m..

Aside from the normal sleeping for shit, I totally slept for shit. My mind ran all night. “I hope I’m snoring,” I’d hear myself think in my sleep. “I hope I’m not snoring loud enough that I’ll be on You Tube, but I hope I’m snoring.” Then I’d roll over and worry (in my very light sleep mind you) that I was hurting the masses of wires and roll back. I remember farting a few times, so there’s that. I probably will be on You Tube.  Subject: Dude, check this out! tags: snoring; farting; woman; night vision .

At 5:15 a.m. Forest Whitacker woke me up, confirmed giddily that I snored, unhooked the wires from me then sent me on my way. I should be getting my results in a week to 10 days. 


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