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The little twister that didn’t

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So all day I cast furtive glances to the skies to be greeted with nothing but blue. All Day. We were promised storms and we got nuttin’! Which sucks for my oldest because no you can not go to the local amusement park! Don’t you realize we’re going to get NAILED?! Do you not watch the weather channel?!  Now I’m not complaining. Avoiding strong winds and damaging hail and trees being tossed around like toothpicks is a good thing. I just totally wasted energy yesterday on TORNADOS!!!OHMAHGAHD! when really it was SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS!!!OHMAHGAHD!!!



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  1. Glad it never showed it’s ugly head around your area. Whew! That had to be a bit nerve-racking, huh? And too bad that you couldn’t really enjoy the nice weather. Ah well. Hope you can enjoy some nice weather today!


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