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Iron Man?

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More like AWESOME Man!

OMG, y’all! It. was. awesome. Robert Downey, Jr? Awesome. Gwennyth Paltrow? Awesome. The guy who I think is Cuba Gooding Jr.’s little brother? Awesome. Jeff Bridges? Also awesome. Funny, action-y, character arch-y. All of the good.

Not totally appropriate for my kids. I don’t think I’m giving anything away if you’ve seen the previews, but my kids (who are skittish by nature) would have been freaked out by the blood and bullets and insurgents and death in the Middle East. It wasn’t extraneous, but it was realistic enough that I cringed and turned away a few times – but I’m a wuss when civil rights are being violated by ruthless men with guns and hot coal.  There’s also some sex – not sex sex, but you’re well aware of what is about to happen/has happened. The wimmen like Stark (Downey Jr) and the feeling is mutual although we’re only shown once.  I’m not sure about the language because I cuss like a sailor, but I don’t recall there being anything that offended me. Again, I have a colorful vocabulary. As far as memory serves, no f-bombs or shits or asses. There might have been a bastard, but that could have been me whispering sweet nothings to Jack.

Minus all that stuff? AWE-SOME. Get a sitter and go see.


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