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I *heart* Notting Hill and more

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I can’t help it. I love all those Hugh Grant urban friends as family movies.  It’s partly my dream of living in London and being cool by living in London association and partly my dream of that cool part of my existence that I seem to have skipped over, life before children. That whole Bridget Jones angst thing – will he, will he not? Will I ever be Mrs. Marhk Darcy (the -arhk because I’m British in this life you see)? I never really had that. I re-met Jack and we fell in love and that was it. We knew where it would lead. There was very little drama where Jack and I were concerned, and it remains that way to this day. That’s good, don’t get me wrong. I like balance. Still, to be someone who’s a little bit of a train wreck? Surrounded by faithful friends and dotty parents and wonderfully odd siblings? That’s a fun notion to entertain.

In other news, Move over Mr. Monk. I have a new favorite USA program.  In Plain Sight? Do you watch? You should. Mary Shannon’s a US Marshall and I think that Dr. Gregory House would have a crush on her should their two worlds ever collide. (Improbable because Mary’s in like Arizona or New Mexico and looks healthy and House is all the way in New Jersey or Massachusetts, and Mary’s on USA and House is on FOX plus… fiction. But still.)  In Plain Sight is drama and comedy (dramedy?) and whodonnitery.  All good stuff. Go watch it now.


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