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Tell me, did you enjoy your MRI?

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Because I surely did not.

There was no prep work involved, no fasting, no praying, no whatevering. It was simply a show and go.  Hop on the table, you want some ear phones with some nice lite fm pumped in? Great, now here’s the cage we’re going to put over your head, slide you into the magnetic tube thing and OHMIGOD GET ME OUT GET ME OUT GET ME OUT!

I wasn’t aware that I was claustrophobic, but the instant I opened my eyes and saw that the top of the MRI machine was rightthere, I went into an instant panic attack, hyperventilating, sweating, heart palpatations.  All in about 5 seconds. Had I not used the bathroom prior to entering the chamber of horrors I probably would have wet my pants. So yeah, that was weird.

Fortunately my tech was very nice and patient and experienced with seemingly normal people who freak right the eff out. She walked me through it again, step by step, inch by inch and I was finally able to complete the test. (It was the headphones, by the way, that had put me over the edge. Too much stuff around my head. I do not recommend the headphones, but yes! to the ear plugs because MRIs? Like a freakin’ heavy metal concert.)

Obviously I made it through the least invasive test ever, all 30 minutes of it, but I didn’t like. No sir. Not one little bit.

Test results will be faxed to my PCP in two days. And when I know, you’ll know.



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