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For those of you with bated breath, stop eating worms. Hehehehe… heh… eh… I kill me. Anyway, my MRI revealed a slight inflamation of the sinuses but nothing severe enough to warrant anosmia (or, as we like to call it here at Chez Rosie A-schnoz-mia. Hehehehe…. Did I mention how much I kill me?).  My medical dance card is becoming quite full. I have an appointment scheduled with an ENT later this month. Yay! More appointments! *sigh* But I’m happy my MRI didn’t reveal polyps or brain tumors

Also my cardio-vascular stress test results are in and yippee skippy! everything looks normal. So that’s a load off my ample but perky chest. 

Sleep results – *NEWS FLASH* I have apnea and will be getting my sex-ay love machine (aka cpap) within the week. 

Lipid profile n’ such. Cholesterol – high. Triglycerides – outlandish. Prescription for Gemfibrizol (or whateverrrrrrrrrr) filled. 

God I’m old.


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