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Headed to Gulf Shores

Jack’s entire family plus us

Outnumbered! Hold me.


We’re off for a week at the beach with the clan.  Right now I’m typing as I ride shot gun as Jack navigates the thunderstorms and as Olivia screams about the lost piece of Hubba Bubba she threw at my head.  Good times! I’m thinking that maybe I should have restarted my Zoloft. We hates storms. We hates driving in storms especially in Tennessee because Tennessee’s weather track record? Let’s just say that it seems that the gods are a bit peesed at TN. 



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  1. Miss You I will

    Wait for coutless gossips I do

    Can’t believe you agreed to go but still

    Best poetry need not rhime cept for you

  2. When you get bored tell me a story about high school, I’m feeling really OLD.

  3. Oh my. Sounds like a trip that could have the potential to go a few different ways. Hope it turns out to be fun!

  4. OK what was that thing that your oldest had with the bumps and the highly contagiousness? My oldest has fluid filled bumps on her face cheek and hip and the itch/hurt and they seem to be spreading. We are going to the Dr. tomorrow for sure! Help

  5. That’s okay, you get a weekend repreave the 27th! 🙂


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