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Not my child. But close.

Not my child. But close.


She sits with arms crossed

her sad pout affects me not

because I am mean.

No, beloved middle child, I will not drive you and a friend to the local amusement park today. I don’t care how long you pout or cross and uncross your bony arms, how long you huff and puff re: your plight as the misunderstood middle who “never asks for anything.” You have been DENIED. And for the record? You ask for crap all the time: i-pod, sleepovers, clean clothes, 3 meals plus snacks, spending money, new DS games, chewing gum, snack items, cell phones, baseballs and baseball mitt, a slushie, a website of your own, that fuzzy keychain… you get the point.

You poor deprived thing.


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  1. Wow, what a face! Deathray eyes right there.

  2. Dear poor middle child.
    I would take you if I were there.
    Your mom’s friend who happens to be a middle child too.


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