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One of the things I love best about my husband is his ability to seek out the fun in almost any situation. If something is automatically fun, guaranteed Jack is going to make it even moreso. It’s just who he is and what he’s about. A month ago Jack decided that it would be fun to watch a movie outside so he borrowed a projector from work, hooked up our outdoor speakers, and hung a white sheet. The kids floated in the pool and he and I snuggled on the recliners and the night was good. But it wasn’t good enough.

24 feet of blackout material, 1 13 foot metal rod, 1 12 foot pvc pipe, 2 coat hooks, one kick ass projector, one cheap ass dvd player, and one home theater sound system later and he and I converted our back yard into a dive-in theater.

Dive in Theatah

Dive in Theatah

It is pretty awesome. Just like Jack.

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  1. Totally Awesome Jack! Dive In…lmbo

  2. That is totally freaking awesome! Holy Shit!


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