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Those who know me know that I have a tendency to get a little bit terrified of things that ultimately equal mass extinction.  Not build a bunker and stock up on astronaut food terrified (although I would if I had the resources), but that chilled to the soul I’d really rather not leave my home for fear that something bad will happen and that it will be painful terrified. Sometimes when I get really bad I go to my doctor and get a prescription for anti-anxiety meds. I’m thinking this might be one of those times.

Let me ‘splain….

Last night Amy and I were watching television, flipping through because we were bored, and we caught this awesome gem that detailed the end of the Mayan Calendar, some Milky Way black hole, solar flares and a whole bunch of prophecies.  Exactly NOT the type of thing either one of us should watch. Ever.  We really do function better with our heads in the sand.  I had the presence of mind to turn it off after a few minutes, but D_YAMN!! I’m pretty sure I was better off not knowing.

Today I’m a little bit of a mess because I just had to push it further. I had to put the “final date” into Google and what I read?  It’s not good people. Not. Good.  I keep looking at my children and tearing up and wondering….

I know that there have been dire predictions throughout time that have not come to fruition.  I know that there is NOTHING I can do. I know that if anything’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. I also know that it’s essential to be prepared for an emergency, but how does one prepare exactly for the poles to shift?

Einstein said that when the honeybees disappeared mankind had about 4 years left.  Will someone please take it upon themselves to breed the honeybees?  I have plans that extend about 50 more years and I’d really like to be around to see them through. I’m a finisher that way.


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