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Liv’s first (productive) trip to the dentist

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We tried 6 months ago and it didn’t work out so well. She didn’t throw a fit or anything but by the clench of her teeth and the trapped wild animal look in her eyes Doctor Matty and I decided maybe not. Today Miss Livers had no issues. She woke up talking about how she was “goin’ to get her [sic] teefers cleaned.” She called her grandma and talked about it. She talked about it all the way to the dentist. She talked about it in the office. She was gung ho so I figured that we were going to have one hella freak out when her cute, dimpled bum hit the magic dentist chair.

To my delight, it did NOT happen. The hygienist called her in, and Liv jumped straight up and walked right in. “Hello! I’m Olabia Brenay Lastname! I’m gettin’ my teefers cleaned!”  I expected to hear crying and to be summoned, but nope. My baby LOVED it and she left proudly showing off her Cinderella toothbrush and white and shiney smile. The hygienist even complimented me on their brushing habits and I smiled and took it even though I don’t think they’ve brushed in six months.


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