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Things that are more important right now than 2012

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Someone – and I’m not saying WHO has a raging infection of the yeasty kind. Egads! I’d forgotten how much they suck and how appealing the bottle scrubber looks while you’re waiting for the medication to kick in   al-thefuck-ready.

Someone else – Amy – had agreed to watch the snotty neighbor girl’s pet frogs for 10 days while sed snotty neighbor girl is on vacation. Frogs are currently dead. It seems someone either failed to give them water (my theory) or failed to realize that the water had spilled and evaporated (her theory). Either way, the frogs are now half the size they were when we were given them, and very, very, very dead. Amy is devastated and quite certain that her life is ruined and she will forever be known as the frog killer and that Snotty Neighbor Girl will spread rumors about her.  That is probably more likely than what I am currently unhealthily fixated on. I bought SNG a gift card to PetSmart to make the loss of her captured frogs more palatable.  I hope that makes the problem go away for Amy. I don’t think it will.

Finally, I promised the girls we’d go to the water park today since Amelia’s friend called this morning and uninvited her to a party that was to occur this afternoon. The party is still on but, “there are too many people coming so you and I can do something tomorrow.”  Ooo-kay. If that’s how you were raised.  Anyway, I promised the water park but when all was said and done we’d only be able to spend 2 hours at the water park before we had to be home for soccer practice. Amy and Amelia were fine with not going, but Olivia is thoroughly disappointed and has told me that I told a story and stories make her MAD.  *sigh*  Tomorrow! I promise! I hope.


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