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So I have cats in my home. I don’t particularly like cats, but it is what it is and three of those little buggers roam about my house leaving tufts of fur and vomit in their wake. One of my original two cats started having behavior issues and decided it would be appropriate to pee on his human’s bed.
Brothers sharing a snuggle. Mr. Pee-body is on your left. Peeing probably.

Brothers sharing a snuggle. Mr. Pee-body is on your left. Peeing probably.

Mr. Pee-body is now an outdoor cat, and no he doesn’t have front claws and yes I feel a little guilty, but like I said, NOT a cat lover. Plus, the stuff he kills and brings home? He’s doing okay with the no claws. If you must email me and tell me how much I suck, please do so at
However this post isn’t about Mr. Pee-body. This post is about the stray my daughter and her friend lured into our lives.

This post is about Thunder the Wunder [sic] Cat:

Obviously Thunder has issues with paparazzi.

Anyway, Thunder has all his claws, is fixed, LIKES being outside, and is fed twice daily. He also likes to annoy the other cats. He’s a tease and can often be found initiating a game of chase wherein he chases our other 2 indoor/outdoor cats and they run in terror and the rest of us just laugh and laugh and then feed him a treat because we like him way better than the two whiny kittens who are no longer kittens. And by we I mean I. I like him way better than those other two who whine and shed their long fur and make me think dark thoughts.

Mr. I'm going to whine until you turn on the water and then run away because I'm a big pussy
What? Me? Whiny? It hurts that you think that.

00 a.m. and then spend the rest of the day sunning? Geesh! 


So a few days back Thunder presented with a HUGE swollen elbow. Further investigation by the girls revealed that he’d been bitten on his side. I was faced with a moral dilemma. I can’t in good conscience let an animal suffer, BUT the bank account, she is running on empty. I figured since he was still able to bear weight on it that it was probably an abscess, but there was still that niggling thought of what if. What if it was dislocated? What if it was infected and he got rabies or whatever and I couldn’t catch him to put him down and he scratched one of the girls and they got rabies and turned into rabid zombies?  What if my vet sister-in-law who lives 45 minutes away and as far as I am aware can’t give a family discount at her practice showed up and saw it and tsked at what a horrible pet owner I am? Our relationship would be ruined 4-eva. So I grabbed my credit card, sucked it up, and took Thunder in. 

$100 later Thunder is home with a bad attitude, a shaved elbow because of his abscess that the vet delighted in telling me she withdrew 6 ccs of puss from, a negative feline leukemia test, and pills that I have to  shove down his throat twice a day.  I’m glad his leg isn’t broken or anything. I’m glad he doesn’t have feline leukemia. I’m bitter about the bill.

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  1. As your BFF I am insulted you didn’t seek my veteranary skills. I have a way with pets you know. Plus my price is right and the OUTCOME is always the truely desired one.

  2. R, how come all THREE of your cats look totally different in each picture…it looks like you have 6!

  3. Valentine! Bite your tongue! Six cats. As if.
    I have 5. Two orange short haired who are older than God and refuse to die. One short haired black and white cat. One medium/long haired black and white spawn of Satan, and one brown and gray and white medium/long haired beast who has no personal boundaries.

  4. For not liking cats, you sure have a LOT of them. You did the right thing r to take Thunder in. You would NOT have wanted the abscess to explode in your home!

  5. Just curious about that litter box… that delegated to HOH?

  6. I clean the poo boxES. Every. freakin’. day since I’m no longer pregnant or in “danger” of becoming so. Bleh.

  7. I know what I am getting you for Xmas…

  8. A big, hungry dog?


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