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Use your words. If that doesn’t work, knock the shit out of ’em.

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MetroDad has an awesome post up about how we’re becoming a nation of wimps. Actually he uses a better and stronger word, but I agree with what he says about raising kids today. My kids are never allowed to hit… first, but they are allowed to hit back. “And don’t just smack,” I tell them, “knock ’em on their -.” I’d tell you why, but MetroDad does it better.


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  1. Loved that. That would describe ricky in a nutshell….maybe just add in a dose of redneck. LOL

  2. Thought that was brilliant!

  3. I know, right? If you haven’t bookmarked MetroDad you should.

  4. More reasons I love you – we both read MetroDad. And he’s totally right. I do tell my kids to use their words, but that’s mostly because they’re grunting and whining about something. When a kid clotheslined one of them, I looked the other way when she kicked him.


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