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Can we talk a little bit about how much dull pain I’m in?

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I knewexercising after 20 years of sitting on my ass wasn’t going to feel good. I knew I’d be in for some sore muscles, maybe a pulled something or other, a few days of Ibuprofen and ice packs. But DANG! I hurt all over y’all. I hate to blame the Wii Fit because to be honest, the balance games and aerobic stuff isn’t THAT intense. Mostly I hurt because Jack and I deciding that now? When we’re closing in on 40 and arthritis and bursitis and itisitis? Yeah, now would be an awesome time to take up running.

Dudes! I HATE to run. Even when I was small and cute I hated to run. I don’t mind sweating, but I hate that buuurn in the muscles, that wheezing in the chest, that feeling you get when you realize that not only will you never look like “an athlete,” your neighbors are totally laughing at you because you do in fact look a little retarded when you run. Some people are flailers arms all-a-movin’ windmill style. Me? I hold my arms in tight with my hands up by my boobs wabbit-style. I don’t mean to do it this way, but I do, okay? I just do! 

I can now make it to the first stop sign without stopping to walk or die, but it still doesn’t feel any better. I have experienced no euphoria, no runner’s high.  I’ve jogged/power walked a mile every night for a week and the only actual good feeling I’ve gotten from it is that I’ve actually stayed motivated enough to do it daily for one. whole. week.  When are those endorphines going to start kicking?

However, there’s this little part of me that’s convinced that it’s going to get better, and that’s the part of me who promised my middle daughter that next summer we’d run in our first 5k. That part of me is convinced that soon I’m going to run the entire mile and not even realize it.  That part of me also invested in a pair of running shoes.  That I spent over $30.00 on. For myself.  That part of me is so freakin’ optomistic and strung out on whatever drugs are available in Bizarro World. 

Now, back to my newest best friend Wii Fit. I am still in love. Maybe it’s the competitor in me, but I LOVE waking up in the morning to head downstairs to see what records Jack has set that I can break. One works up quite a sweat trying to beat a 32.23 second downhill slalom, but one does in fact beat it when one realizes that the trick is to squat really low and lean forward. SUCK ON THAT, JACK!  I also LOVE that I have the top hula-hoop score now. I’m not so happy that my Mii still looks like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but my obese rating is now back on the little chart instead of topping out.  Also? For the people who like graphs and charts this thing is pretty cool. It charts your weight, your bmi, how long you’ve exercised, and one other thing that I can’t remember. It’s one tricked out bathroom scale.

My love for Wii Fit aside? OWIE!


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  1. hmmm … I could be considering to be inspired. But, I don’t like to make hasty decisions.

  2. I agree. Sleep on it. You don’t want to jump into something like this. (But you do. You totally do.)

  3. You rock! All this exercising is going to do some good (at least that is what I tell myself).

  4. I know, right?! It has to. Zumba starts this coming Tuesday. I am stoked!

  5. Stick with the running… it definitely gets better- your in the worst part now!!

    I’ve been looking for the Wii fit- it’s been sold out here, good to here a positive review of it!!

    Have a good weekend.



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