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She wants to be big,

to play with her big sisters.

Include me she cries.

It’s hard for Liv being the youngest and it’s difficult for me to watch her being excluded from her sisters’ lives. Oh, there is no doubt that they love her, and they are wonderful companions for her, but the older two share a world that she can’t access. She will always be on the other side of the door because a six and eight year gap is too much to jump. But, Lord, does she try. Her chubby legs move in a blur as she races after them. “Guys! Sissers! Wait for Olabia! Wait!”

I’m sorry precious girl, but they can’t. Your turn to be big will come.  I’m just sorry we didn’t give you someone to share it with.


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  1. Poor Liv. Don’t they all want to be big before their time? She’ll have the best of both-worlds: basically an only child (because of the age span) and the benefit of older sisters. She just can’t appreciate it yet.

  2. Aw, that’s so sad but sweet and cute at the same time. I agree with Catherine that someday hopefully she’ll see the benefits. My sister and I are many years apart, too.

  3. So true. I am so fascinated the way the dynamics lay out between my four kids… it shifts and changes, but it is sometimes tough to be the odd man out!!

    Nice reflection about your girls!!

  4. What wonderful words. My situation was just the opposite. The oldest was 4 years ahead of the two younger ones who arrived 13 months apart. Now they are all grown and that 4 years age gap has disappeared. No longer are they Donna and the little girls. Time will change things for Olivia also — 🙂 Lovely haiku and words to her.


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