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Alas poor Frigidaire, I knew thee well-ish

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Fifteen years ago Jack and I bought our first house and thusly our first refrigerator. I remember it very clearly because I used buying that refrigerator in a math lesson ( tax and interest and % stuff) and got my ass raked across the coals by the parents of two students who accused me of bragging about how much money I had.  Good times, people. Good. Times.

Anyway, yesterday morning I awoke to a rumbling so loud that I thought perhaps someone was running the dryer. In my bedroom. Turns out no one had dragged it from the back of the house and up the stairs, instead a quick investigation (i.e. coming downstairs) revealed that my status symbol refrigerator is on its last legs. We cleaned the coils and stuff and waited for things to settle down, but it seems all our hard work was for naught.

How awesome is that, y’all?! I mean, what better way to improve my social standing than to go into yet more debt because yet another major household appliance is in hospice? First our dishwasher – which resulted in a new kitchen floor which resulted in my deciding that it didn’t match our decor at all, so let’s just change it ALL!!  Then on Saturday our lawnmower flipped Jack the bird. Where we live, mowing season runs into late October/early November. Going without until then wasn’t an option so yesterday we opened our yard shed and welcomed some behemoth thing that WILL CUT YOU, BITCH if you mess with its shiny red exterior.  Add in the five separate roofing companies who have gleefully informed us that our roof needs “done” (kinky) and the fact that Jack’s car isn’t sounding too healthy and NOW a potential new fridge, and well, don’tcha wish your bank account was empty like ours? Don’tcha?

But despite evidence to the contrary, that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to know is what kind of refrigerator do you have and do you love it? If you could have your dream fridge, what would it be? French door fridge with the bottom pull out freezer? Side by side with ice and water in the door? This thing has to last us for at least another 15 years so we’re willing to go into a tiny bit of debt ($5.00 or so), but we kind of realize that basically what we truly need is someplace safe for the food to live. If you’ve downsized, let me know how it’s worked out for you.


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  1. How timely! Just yesterday I was poring over Sears’ website shopping for a new fridge. Ours also sounds like it’s going to take off any minute. I think it also runs for some ungodly amount of time, so it’s an energy drain.

    My first choice is a french door with the pull out drawer, my second is a bottom freezer with pullout drawer. It’ll be white, not stainless, as we replaced our dishwasher 1.5 yrs ago and it’s white. Our stove is also white and it best not die.

    My current fridge is 22 cu. ft. I cannot imagine smaller. I considered a side-by-side but having never owned one I am afraid that the food up against the freezer wall will freeze and that pizza boxes will not slide right in. I don’t want water in the door. I have hardwood floors and that sounds like a recipe for disaster with two small kids. It’ll make ice because they all do these days.

    Good luck. Post a picture of your newest status symbol when it arrives.

  2. I think I’m leaning in the same direction you are. Also white because stainless with kids? They’re kidding, right? I don’t have enough hours in the day to keep wiping off smudges. Plus, we too have all white appliances.

    I would love NOT to have anything through the door because even though I’ve shown them all that LOOK! NO DRAIN!!! They continue to let ice fall and melt or let their cups overflow. The front of my fridge is stained because of them. Oy! I couldn’t imagine them with hardwood!!

    Thanks Catherine.

  3. Holy smokes! I had NO idea how much fridges cost!

    My dream one would be the french door freezer on the bottom, no ice in door…water dispenser inside the fridge.

    Good luck!

  4. Count your blessings your appliences aren’t black – shows every water drop. I will never get water/ice in the door again, your daughter taught my daughter who taught my youngest daughter to spill it all over the floor. French doors OK take them or leave them, pizza boxes do fit in freezer fine though. I really like the idea of the bottom freezer drawer. I’m gonna be a picky bitch next time.

  5. Michelle McDaniel

    We have a regular freezer on bottom fridge, no French doors. Our freezer door actually opens like a regular freezer door, and you can pull out the basket (if you could open the door wide enough) and it has a shelf there too. We were just happy to move up to an ice maker, that we forgoed the ice and water in the door . . . which sounds like a good move. 😉 Good luck!

  6. I’m lusting for a French door fridge. 4 years ago, my fridge died and I bought my first side by side w/thru the door water and ice. Love the water & ice (no small kids) but the side by side not so much. Thankfully I also have a chest freezer because basically nothing wider than a box of waffles will fit in that freezer. Can’t imagine trying to fit a turkey.

  7. I know you’ve been on pins & needles about my decision. I ordered the L3 french door with pull out freezer from Sears this weekend. They want to let me use their money for one year free of charge – okay!

  8. Color me jellus, Catherine! Weirdly, after our 3 day power outage my fridge has been running quietly. Keep me updated on how much you love your new fridge!! The one I have can’t live forever – can it?


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