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Enough with the end of the world already! Geesh!!

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There is only so much a woman with issues can take. I’m trying people, I’m really trying to take a laissez-faire attitude about my mortality and my spelling of laissez-faire. I put on my que sera sera hat each and every morning, but DAMN it’s getting hard to keep it at a jaunty tilt.

The thing about WordPress is when you log in you get to see little blurbs of what people have posted. Things like “Welcome to the world Baby Taylor!” or “I should write something” or “Blowing my nose and blowing my mind!” AND “World Ends this Wednesday.”

Now Rosie, I cautioned myself. No need to get yerself in a tizzy.  It’s probably not what you’re thinking. Besides, the Aztecs were very specific when they said December 21, 2012. My pointy thingy hovered over the entry. Did I really want to go there?  So early on a Tuesday morning? Especially since Jack is in all day meetings and couldn’t possibly be available to talk me down. I totally didn’t want to, but I felt compelled, and as if unseen fingers were doing the clicking for me, I did it. I went there.

As it turns out: “A colourful American botanist, teacher, former biologist and sometime physicist says that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) may rip a hole in the fabric of the space-time continuum and so destroy the Earth…. Summarising, it appears that the boffins at the LHC — should one of them clumsily spill his tea on the controls, for instance — could easily catapult the entire world through a rift in the very fabric of space-time, into another universe which could be entirely hostile to life as we know it.” (Dispatches from the anti-war zone) 

In a nutshell, this LHC is some sort of anti-matter device that smashes protons or lets anti-matter become visible or opens up the universe like we’ve always wanted using a series of underground tubes and scientific stuff that extend from like Sweden to France or wherever. Is that vague enough for you? Anyway, if this happens and we’re sucked into a black hole (quick, painless, yay!), then I hope it happens after lunch. Great Grandma and I have plans and she’s so delightfully bossy and cantankerous towards me that I’d hate to miss it. However, if we are sucked into a hostile universe I really hope the scientist in Sweden hold off before pushing the on button until I start PMSing. Jack and the girls will tell you ain’t no hostile want to mess with me when I’m pmsing. I’d like a fighting chance to establish my dominance. Until then, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOMSDAY ALREADY!!


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  1. Whew, right?


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