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This morning I awoke and wondered, “Am I dead?” ’cause, you know, atom smasher and all. Turns out I wasn’t dead, just very much not ready to be awake yet. So yeah, wheeew! Black hole bullet dodged. For now, she said forbodingly.

Now that all that pesky why would you potentially end the world in the name of physics or whatever oh my God?! aside, this is pretty exciting stuff. I guess. I mean, I don’t know from anti-matter and the “Oh-My-God particle”, but if this little experiment helps us understand our world, NAY, OUR UNIVERSE, then yay, says I. I guess. (Although, to be perfectly honest, I’m one of those people. I really don’t neeeed to know why it’s working. I’m just happy it is. Boy, am I happy it is.)


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