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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but 12 days ago Jack and I started exercising and “eating right.”  For the first time ever we started running and ohmygosh y’all, in 12 days he’s lost 20 pounds and I’ve lost 10. We’ve dieted before because we’re fat and all fat people have tried every diet known to man, but we’ve never actually combined diet and exercise together you know, like the experts suggest because experts; what the hell do they know?  Turns out they were right about that.

Anyway, so I’m in the groove, right? Totally excited about eating complete proteins and eschewing my daily Coke and sweetened ice tea in favor of water and unsweetened tea, totally excited about kicking Jack’s ass on the Wii Fit. Totally grudgingly accepting that there is a place in my life for running -and not just when I’m being chased by something that wants to harm me. And now I’ve gone and twisted my knee and dammit if doesn’t hurt to even walk now*. BECAUSE ISN’T THAT JUST THE WAY?! (*And now that I read that part I’m wondering if I said it DOES hurt to walk or DOES NOT, because let me assure you that it totally forkin’ hurts to walk!)

Here’s my gripe though: Jack has continued to run. He has not stopped in solidarity. That means he’s totally going to lose more weight and get toner (more toned?). His endurance is going to get endureancerer while mine once this pesky NOT BEING ABLE TO WALK WITHOUT WHINING thing clears is going to suck hairier balls than it does right now. The sumbitch is totally going to lap me.

Complaining aside, does anyone know how to treat this? The pain’s on the medial side of my knee about a thumbs length away from the patella – kind of right where your leg curves in before it curves out to start your calf. I’ve been icing and ibuprophening and not running, but I kind of have been doing about 40 minutes on the treadmill at a very low pace and hobbling along because darnitall! I hate to lose my momentum.


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  1. R, did it “pop” when you hurt it? I ask b/c my mom just hurt her knee a few weeks back and it sounds like similar pain. She heard a ‘pop’ when it happened. Can’t remember what the doc said it was, but she is going to the specialist next week and it could be surgical.

    With you taking care of it the way you have and still having pain, maybe you should see a doctor?

  2. I didn’t hear a pop. I just felt the pain. I’m calling the doctor today.

  3. Congrats on the ten lost!!!! So excited for you!!!!!!!!!! My scale has refused to move for a second straight week. My mantra “muscle is heavier than fat” is starting to wear thin (no pun intended). Go to the Doctor for that knee – don’t mess with that crap – get it fixed and maybe some good drugs too.

  4. Good ideas to treat so far. Might have missed it but are you S-T-RETCHI-N-G out really good before any after any jogging or wii’ing (lol)? That can make the difference it weird aches/pains with new exercise programs. If it doesn’t go away after bringing it down just a notch then you might need to have an orthopedic check it out. GL & Email me if you want me to give ya more free advice! 😉


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