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A baby tiger!

With a thorn in her pa-aw!

This… is… serious!

I don’t HATE the Wonderpets. I can tolerate the Wonderpets, especially after this line: “There’s nothing like a stalk of celery after a good pee!” when they saved the indoor puppy from having to pee on the linoleum, but still, there’s something just so forkin’ grating about characters who SING all the time!!!  Like I said, the Wonderpets is tolerable. But you know who/what I can’t stand?

THE BACKYARDIGANS!!  Longest hackin’ half-hour of my life. In fact, I feel another ku comin’ on.

The Backyardigans

make me want to eat crushed glass.

Or change the chanel.


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  1. I have never listened to either one, and it sounds like that is probably a very good thing. Crushed glass, you say? Yikes.

  2. The Backyardigans are annoying but it’s Caillou that makes me want to repetetively shut a cardoor on my head.
    Or change the channel.


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