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Yesterday Jack and I took Liv to Christain Chicken Restaurant so she could run indoors and catch a cold. We very piously ate salad with diet dressing and drank our bubble-less, sugar-less water and tea while we people watched. Quite the assortment, let me tell you. Many, many mommies with cute bobs and cuter kids, many grandparents, and surprisingly, many people with really bad teeth. There was also a bus load of children who were in the gifted and talented program of a nearby school. Don’t ask us how we knew it, we just did. And? And?! I shit you not, Seth Rogen.

Rosie: “OHMIGAWD! It’s that guy from Knocked Up!! OHMYGAWD!!”

Jack: “What guy from Knocked Up?”

Rosie: “That guy! The Knocked Up guy!! The Guy who Knocked her Up!!”

Jack: *blank stare*

Despite Jack having no memory at all for 1) movies he laughed out loud through and then quoted for a week or 2) actors’ faces I was not deterred. I went up for a tasteless refill. I had no idea what Seth was doing in our little corner of the world being as we’re about a bramillion miles from L.A., but it wasn’t going to stop me from letting him know that I appreciated his humor. 

Guys, this fella was really cute. Adorable even. And tall. And he had the curly hair and the happy eyes and the nice, normal guy smile, and for a second I forgot I was married and old. But he wasn’t Seth I don’t think.  Or he could have been. I don’t know. I mean it’s not like I have Seth Rogen wallpaper or anything.

Do you think it stopped me though from making a total fool of myself?

Rosie: (while balancing her tea and the handfull of individual mayo packets she’d stolen for her kids’ lunches and looking up because he was seriously, sexily tall) “You look like that actor!”

Seth: Which one is that?

Rosie: “The one from Knocked Up. You are dead on that guy!”

Seth: “Seth Rogen?”

Rosie: So loudly that people turned, “THAT’S THE ONE!” And then in a normal tone, “I’ll bet you get that a lot.”

Seth: *smile* *really cute smile* *really cute smile that made me totally get why Heigle’s character would open wide for him*

Seth: (indicating his lunch) “I’m gonna go over here and eat.”

Rosie: “I’m not hitting on you.”

And then I totally turned my back on him and returned to slunk back to our table.  It wasn’t Seth. But if I were 10 years younger and not married? I totally would have hit on him. I would have hit on him HARD.


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