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Let’s start a movement, shall we?

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And my regular readers    reader will think, “Oh great, another poop post,” but it’s not. This is a real, honest to blog post about starting something that I think is important. I think rather than spend 6 billion dollars on smashing atoms and potentially starting something really baaaaaad (Large Hadron Cauldron I’m lookin’ at you), that that money should go to… I don’t know… finding alternative fuel sources, making a dent in world hunger, finding cures for cancer or aids, giving people in third world countries a chance at living a more comfortable life. See? Lots of other things they could do.

I still haven’t heard a good explanation as to why these scientists are smashing atoms. “Because we can,” is not a good enough reason. There’s always a reason to push an old lady down the stairs, right?  “To see how the universe was formed.” Uhm.  Is it wrong to say that we don’t need to know how the universe was formed. Really, why does it matter how? How are we going to use this information? Are we going to start teraforming like NOW to give us some other place to live when we use up this planet? Yeah… that’s kind of… probably not going to be a reality for us. 

See, this isn’t me being all paranoid. This is me looking at a budget and thinking, hmmm, $250 a month for gas, $500 for groceries, $200 school/kids activities, $6 billion for a series of tubes and wires that could potentially start something we don’t know how to STOP (or reveal the mysteries of the universe), $100 clothing out…. why are all these people starving?!  Why are all these people dying of diseases that should be curable?! Why can’t I balance this thing?!

I get that this could be important. I’m not sure how, but I get that it could be. In fact, it might be the greatest thing ever in terms of whatever it is they’re looking for. BUT won’t the ability to smash atoms and whatever isn’t going away, right? Shouldn’t more pressing things- like things we need to worry about RIGHT NOW- take precedence? Let’s at least try to cure the planet of what ails it before we … you know… let scientist loose in the lab with the silly string. I don’t know. Is a petition enough? Do we storm Washington? Geneva? Boycott Ikea?



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  1. I don’t get the point of it either R. You’re right, we could be spending money on more important things.

  2. I’m with you. I’ve never been the save the world type, as you know, but it seems basic economic common sense should prevail. I kinda like the mystery part of the “mysteries of the universe”. Who the hell needs to know everything about the universe, are we even suposed to know it all anyway? They need to pass all these big stupid expenditures past a few dozen budget minded moms. CUT CUT CUT!


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