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Shingles and shutters

lost to nature’s windy fun.

Also lost: our food.


And by “windy fun” I mean 84 mph winds -but no rain or clouds. The sky was beautifully blue and the sun was shining its sunny little core out.  It was stupid to be outside, but who could resist leaning against those winds? When I was a kid my parents would take me to a park that sat on the top of a hill. I remember on windy fall days being there and holding my arms out, leaning forward and being all, “I’m queen of the world.”  Last weekend was like that, only way freakin’ windier. And a tad more dangerous because of all the shingles and siding and shutters and trampolines and grills that would fly by. Not to mention the fact that our property butts up to some woods, so, you know, falling trees and various other organic projectiles. But still, it was very cool.

You know what wasn’t cool though? Losing power after I’d stocked my fridge and freezer that very morning.  “Stay out of the fridge,” I told my brood. “We have no electricity so we have no way of keeping things cold.”  Not five minutes later someone opened it. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I yelled. “STAY OUT OF THE FRIDGE!!” They slunk away. Twice more someone opened it. And then again after I TAPED IT SHUT.  “WHAT DO YOU THINK THE TAPE IS FOR???” I demanded. “I dunno,” the offender whined. “I thought Olivia did it.”

We folded clothes by candlelight. We ate by candlelight. We went to bed when darkness fell. It was actually kind of nice. And really, really quiet. Houses are loud y’all.  The next day neighbors gathered and helped clean up what they could. Lawn furniture was returned, garbage cans were lined up and claimed on the honor system. Kids played touch football and rode their bikes in herds.  Mothers fretted about the contents of their refridgerators and dads fired up the grills.  Olivia asked about a million times to watch Noggin and a million times I explained about electricity and how GOD WAS PUNISHING THE INFIDELS. Or not. I made peace with the notion that I was Caroline, Jack was Pa, and one of my girls was going to have to go blind while the other chronicled our adventures. (Whatever happened to Carrie, anyway? I always thought she was retarded, but my mother in law says no.)

Then my sister-in-law called to let us know that my out of town in-laws had POWER. Screw life on the prairie, we were packed and gone in under an hour.

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  1. See, that’s one of those times when you wish your kids had read Little House in the Big Woods or some such pioneer stuff.

  2. We lost our power until Tuesday afternoon but fortunately had a generator to save our food. Our cable was out till last night. I just can’t believe how crazy the wind storm was!

  3. Will you watch Wizard of Oz next week and tell the children it was filmed in your town?

  4. Sounds really scary, but I am glad you are safe. Losing food with the electricity is just so annoying (and expensive).

  5. I saved the Chicken – bags of ice and a transport to an oddly single house in otherwise darkened neighborhoos with electricity – I saved the chicken. I obsessed about that stupid (just like you) newly packed fridge and freezer so much I couldn’t enjoy all the fun of the frontier days. I did discover my inner survivor. I cooked up a lot of my food and force feed my family so much protien that my 4 year old asked for a can of green beans to herself. I made chili on the grill, I made scrambled eggs and ham on the grill, I made fried eggs and breakfast sausage on the grill, Hell, I made apple crisp on the bloody grill. I am pioneer woman, hear me roar.

  6. Our electric was out until Tues. about 8:00 p.m. It had teased us a couple of times, but those teases each day got the water in the hot water heater hot enough for a shower. We toughed it out at home, since I had to work. 😦 B did grill Spaghetti-O’s and vegetable soup for the kid’s lunch while I was at work. We lost all food in our fridge, but most food in our freezer was safe. Spent $265 at Kroger’s last night restocking. Ugh!

  7. Oh yeah baby. We tossed our frig. That Ike was one expensive aftereffect. BLAH!

  8. That’s no good, at least you had a refuge!


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