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Last year I made Amelia one bad. ass. mutha. fucka. of a costume. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but she and I are well into BBC’s Doctor Who. Some might call it an unhealthy obsession, but some would be stupid and unenlightened.  One of our favorite episodes entitled Blink featured these alien assassins who looked like those weeping angel statues in cemetaries. Very cool.

“That,” Amelia said pausing the Tivo on one particularly terrifying expression. “Is what I want to be for Halloween.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she wanted to be a statue – an alien assassin statue. Um.. rest in peace?

Long story short, I made that happen. BECAUSE I RULE!! It wasn’t that difficult – a grecian style dress, body paint, hair gel, colored hair spray, giant pieces of foam, a backpack, a 4 cans of spray paint, an electric meat cutter, a sewing machine, a gray turtleneck, a mask, and a sprig of faux ivy. She got lots of compliments.

This year she is sticking with her Doctor Who theme. I’m cool with that. I dig The Doctor. Except this year she wants to be this:

 The Ood.

Odd, huh? How in the world am I supposed to make this?


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  1. The weeping angels freak my shit out. Completely. It’s one of the creepier episodes, IMHO. As for her wanting to be the Ood… what’s next The Face of Boe?

    We’re going Old School Star Wars. Audrey will be Yoda thanks to Target and Elliot will be a jedi thanks to my sewing skills. Store bought jedi costumes are more money than I want to part with.

    Oh, and, have I told you about the poster I bought for my sad cubicle at work? Two words: David Tennet. Yummy.


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