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A few things: We celebrated Amy’s 12th birthday this weekend. I’ll have a touching 144 months old post up soon, but long story short, it was cool and she enjoyed herself very much and I can’t believe that my first baby is 12. Gah!

Jack’s parents left at the beginning of the month for a two month vacation. They like to drag their camper around continental North America. Anyway, 12 years ago this week after promising them that there was no possible way this baby was going to be born that weekend and yes, by all means go on your long weekend vacation 4 hours away, I totally had the baby right as they reached their destination and they had to turn around and drive back. They didn’t even stop to use the bathroom. So, it only seems to fit the pattern that right as they crossed the United States/Canadian border Great Grandma Bossypants had to be taken to the hospital with a pinched nerve behind her ear which resulted in the doctors finding out that she 1) has pneumonia and 2) a hole in her heart that requires surgery.  It’s (the surgery) serious, but not as serious as it sounds. She’s fine and bossy and her real concern (that pain in behind her ear) has been fixed, but when your mother’s 92 and talking about surgery, you sort of turn around and start the long trip home immediately.  Poor them. One day they’ll get their vacation, uninterrupted.

Also, unrelated to Great Grandma Bossypants, to prove what a sci-fi nerd I am I kept telling my in-laws that when they got to Nova Scotia they had to go to New Bern.  I have a friend from New Bern and the pictures she showed me were beautiful!! They’re gonna love New Bern with its aged, picturesque buildings, seaside quaintness!!  Yeah. I kind of meant Cape Breton. Turns out New Bern is a fictional town in Kansas that somehow escaped the total devastation of a nuclear attack and fought against the town of Jericho  which also escaped total nuclear annihilation and was mayored by Delta Burke’s husband and run by his two sons Skeeter Ulrich and some guy I’ve never heard of before but looks a little bit like James VanDerforehead.  I really need to compartmentalize my sci-fi world better.


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  1. hahaha….144 month old post! I totally cracked up at the one!


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