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In which I stand corrected *and* find out how you can get those cool Copenhagen roses

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So while I stand by my statement that Emily is the cutest redneck bride ever, and that while I thought it would be the best episode ever, it wasn’t, I was wrong about a few observations. Something Emily pointed out in her email. Hi Emily! I would really be interested in talking about how an actual filming goes down. Except I think you kind of hate me. Hey, your dress was lovely and I liked your bridesmaids’ dresses and I thought your tattoo was cool. On my television I couldn’t see the camouflage. Also, the Copenhagen roses were very cool and I’ve had a lot of people asking me how to make them and I’ve actually spent a few minutes trying to find out because I hate to disappoint. So while I’m sorry you’re upset that I didn’t like your cake design, I’m glad you can help those who want it with the awesome roses. 

While they won’t tell you how to do it, they will do it for you if you send in the lids. Cool huh?!  Props to Emily and Eric!  Anyway, here’s Emily’s response.

First of all I would like to say whoever wrote this article has NO IDEA about what they are talking about!! (Uh, hi. That’s me ;)) I think they have copy and pasted bits and pieces of articles from other sites! (Actually, nope. All me.) First about the comment on how my men weren’t wearing camo…. All of my men and my husband we were wearing camo vests and ties! My girls were wearing camo lingerie with home made fabric covers to help make it look more formal. As for no hunting any where all of our centerpieces were made of Skull and Deer antlers not to mention we had a deer skull on the center of our archway! There are some pieces in this article that would have to be written by some one who was filming the show  (Trust me, I wasn’t there. But I would have liked to have been just to see how it all happens.) for EX. the first paragraph! I would also like to know how at the beginning our wedding went from the best episode to not even close the best episode. (Because I thought we were going somewhere with the carcass sniffing and the punk past. It was a pretty wedding and it looked like a fun reception, but I’ve seen more outrageous redneck weddings.  You were a beautiful bride and your man was handsome. You both have your teeth. You’re not related and despite being young it seems you both have good heads on your shoulders.  To be fair, I judge all redneck weddings against John and Gail. Now THAT was probably the best episode evah ) NOT EVEN CLOSE! Plus for the people who know me I don’t even grow arm pit hair! Most of the show was staged!!!! It has ruined T.V. for me I now pick everything apart on all the reality shows I watch!
My wedding cake was MY IDEA I am allergic to Alcohol and I thought it would be fun to have a cake held up by beer cans. For the log slices I got the idea out of a wedding mag. I picked up in a michelles!

And yes Raccoon penises are made of ivory and I am not sure how many others are. (I wasn’t calling you a liar. I really wanted to satisfy my own curiosity. And now I know.)  If you would like to get ahold of me about the copenhagen roses feel free to email me at  (I don’t think she means me. Just a guess.) I am not willing to tell you how we make them but we do sell them and if you donate a bunch of copenhagen lids we are happy to simple give them to you! I am so happy every one loved the roses! (Truly, the roses were great! You definitely should market those.)

Emily’s sister also commented, and she makes me wish I had a sister. It must be nice to have a blood relative defending you. Still, Emily’s sister, have you considered that the reason so many of these reviews sound so similar is because there really wasn’t a lot to work with in this episode in terms of humor? Or alternatively, have you considered that maybe some of them might have ‘cut and pasted’ my work? I am many things, but I am not a plagarist.  Granted, it was not my best review, but enh. I wrote about what was there.  I love My Big Redneck Wedding. I liked your sister’s wedding. It was NOT the best (i.e. redneckiest episode), but in the beginning I thought it had potential to be. I’m allowed to not like your sister’s choice of wedding cake even if I do think she’s adorable.


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  1. First Anne T., now Emily the Redneck – your brushes with fame kinda beat the time my mom almost ran over the Thompson Twins in the parking lot of the Towne Center when I was in the 7th grade.

  2. Copenhagen Roses — Google this (brazing roses)and you will get this——>

  3. I do have to agree that Emily was by far the cutest redneck bride, as well as the most creative. She should definately look into art school. This was one of my favorite episodes, even if it wasn’t hideously redneck. 🙂
    I also kind of figured much of it was staged. Nothing “reality” is actuality.

  4. If you would like to talk to me about being filmed that is fine, I would be happy to! No, I do not hate you. People are entitled to their own opinions and I should acknowledge that! I believe you have my e-mail address so you are more than free to ask away!


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