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Well, this is bullshit

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So you know how California made gay marriages legal a while back? I applauded California when they did that. I hoped my own state might soon follow so that Jack’s sister and her partner could share the same rights and privileges that Jack and I have.  Their love is as valid as ours, their respect for each other is amazing, they pay their taxes, they volunteer in the community, they attend church even though the church does not attend them. They are honest and giving. They are responsible with their money and have no debts. They vote and rally and work quietly behind the scenes for my rights and your rights and the rights of everyone else.  I am amazed, AMAZED that these two women in love, these two college educated, American women – one of whom who has served in the armed forces, defending YOUR rights, are being denied the same rights that YOU have. I am angry that married lesbians and gays who were given the green light to wed are now having to worry that their long fought for marriages will probably be annulled.

There is no way this would fly if we suddenly decided that women, yeah, you can’t vote anymore, or blacks, please return to the back of the bus, or children, get thee to the nearest sweatshop.

Some would argue that since a gay/lesbian marriage is between two same-sexed individuals and NOT a man and a woman that it’s sullying the sanctity of a marriage. How about the man who beats his wife? Or the woman who cheats on her husband? What’s that doing to the sanctity of marriage?  

I’m disgusted.


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  1. We should all be disgusted, it’s repulsive that 8 and laws like it are alive and well in this country. I’ve read horror stories of loved ones not being able to be in the hospital because they are not “immediate family.” That is a pile of crap. Not only should same-sex relationships have the same privileges, they should have the same responsibilities. You bring a baby into this world together? Then you provide for that child together, FOREVER. Could you imagine if hubs decided he just wanted to leave and had no legal requirement to provide for your children? The children he wanted? Or leave money out of it – the children that love him. It’s a horrible double-standard in so many ways.

  2. Wow, two politicalish postings. I knew you had a hidden interest in the world in there – good for you! Also, though you may not believe it, I agree with you on the above.

  3. You could not be more right…kudos!! Someday this nation will realize that “All men are created equal” and they will “Separate Church from the State.”

  4. R, you put it perfectly. I can’t wait for the day that this country finally evolves.


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