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Okay. How much weight do I have to lose before people notice? Seriously. Also, updates.

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I think the title pretty much sums it up.

I’m very proud of Jack. He’s lost 50 pounds. He’s almost below his college weight, and wheeeeeew boy, does he look fine! I sho’ nuff did marry myself a hottie. But everyone else? I KNOW HE LOOKS GREAT! Stop telling me how great he looks. Tell him, please, but don’t tell me and then leave me hanging about the 30 pounds I’ve dropped. ‘Cause I have. I’ve lost 30 pounds. Can’t you tell? Does it not warrant a casual, “And you’ve lost weight,” too? I’m proud of me, but for the love of all things sacred, will someone besides my husband and mother and best friend notice?

*sigh* I can run 2 miles now without dying, too.

ANYWAY, onto the great news!! My pap was normal. Yay!  My endometrial/fibroid biopsy was also normal. Yay! No cancer!  The next step is a Mirena inserted in my ute. I’ve read great things and I’ve read things that make me want to run in the opposite direction. What’s your experience been?

Also, my skin? Has never looked better. Well, that’s a lie. I had pretty terrific skin in high school and college. However, after college I kind of dropped my skin care regime (are we talking make up or staging a coup? – name that movie) and especially lately, according to my mother, I’ve been looking pretty rough. So rough that she took pity on me and bought me Mary Kay 3 in 1 something and then some day and night serum stuff and then a moisturizer and made me promise to use them all twice daily until forever. I have kept my promise for 2 months and I am pleased to report that DANG, I look good!  I’ve been using Corn Huskers Lotion on my hands and decolle  daykolaytage upper chestage and they’re all sex-ay smoothe again, too.


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  1. AWESOME WOMAN!! Shame on the others for not noticing…seriously who wouldn’t notice 30 pounds! Boo to them. Yay for good labs!

  2. I think ya loook fiiiine! Am I totally gay now? Screw them, besides we do all that we do just to please our husbands and mothers ( and children) so long as they notice the hell with the others. Atleast your mom has noticed, mine hasn’t said a word about my weight loss!!!! Ha ha ha.

  3. WOOHOO – I am SO impressed with you, R! Come on down to OK and I will rave about your loss…or you could post a picture 😉

  4. People will definitely notice when you are feeling great about your body.

  5. Yay R! I am so super happy for you. Congrats and keep it up.


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