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Don’t do that ToyzRus! It’s not nice.

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I pretty much have Christmas ready to go. The weather can do what it likes and Santa will still make it to our home.  Each girl has an equal number of gifts to open with similar presents in each package, and until about an hour ago I was fine with and even excited about what they were getting – especially Renee.

Renee loves animatronics and is confident that Santa is bringing her S’mores the horse that cost way freakin’ too much. I really would love to buy it for her because she’s that enamored, but $250 for a toy? Are you kidding me? We don’t do that here at Chez Rosie. Sometimes though, I wish we could.  Anyway, lately I’ve been talking with her about something that’s even COOLER than S’mores!  S’mores doesn’t walk or do tricks or anything AWESOME like Lucky the Wonder Puppy! Because LUCKY THE WONDER PUPPY IS INCREDIBLE and only the best-behaved kids on Santa’s list get LUCKY THE WONDER PUPPY and wouldn’t it be AMAZING if she was one of the best-behaved kids?! I have her convinced that getting Lucky is going to be the BEST. THING. EVAH!! And then frackin’ TRU puts S’mores on sale for $99.99. Those. Fuckers.

I’ve spent the last hour calling every TRU within a 50 mile radius to see if they have S’mores in stock. While dialing, being put on hold, and hearing a recorded message ensuring me that I was indeed important to each and every one of them, I envisioned Helen’s face Christmas morning when she came downstairs to discover her Red Rider BB Gun. It would be worth the gas money and returning stupid Lucky the Wonder Puppy and that Leapster game just to see the shock and amazement and sheer joy all rolled up into one adorable little pixie face.  Lucky the Wonder Puppy is LAME!!! Screw Lucky! We were about to become proud owners of S’mores the awesome pony that doesn’t shit!  I was about to win Mom of the Year.  Good behavior for 2009 was nearly in the basket!  You know where this is going, right?

Sold out. Every. Single. Store.

It honestly took me a few minutes to calm myself down. Had I been in the store and found this awesome deal I would have been the lady who got in a fistfight. I was that enamoured with my sudden vision of Christmas Couldbe.  I’m fine now. Really.  Lucky the Wonder Puppy is INCREDIBLE!! We really didn’t need S’mores the Space-waster. Helen probably wouldn’t play with it anyway beyond Christmas morning. Really, we’re fine.

But if you happen to see S’mores (or Kota the triceratops- which I found out is being discontinued since $99.98 is a discontinued markdown price), let me know.

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  1. Check out Feb. Mom’s board. Les found you a good deal at Kohl’s online for S’more. 🙂


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