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To be honest 2009 hasn’t started off so well at Chez Rosie. The list of things gone wrong (or that have the potential to go wrong) is long and not dissimilar to any complaints or worries that most of you would have.  Suffice it to say, let’s pray for an upswing in this economy, m’kay?

In times like these it is easy for me to focus on what sucks. A natural worrier, it is in my nature to hone in on the worst.possible.scenario. and lose sleep for days (or is it nights?). Unemployment? Broken furnace? Crapped out laptop? Large Caldron Black Hole Making Thing? The end of the Mayan calendar? That funny sound my dryer just started making? Check, check, checkcheckcheck.  But, because I frequent a blog that I find not at all snarky and most uplifting, I’ve decided to follow Crazy Aunt Purl’slead. I’m no longer participating in the recession. More than that, I’m no longer reading articles or watching television shows about the apocalypse.  Laurie at C.A.P is right. Worrying about it and lowering the emotionally and spiritual quality of my life has absolutely ZERO effect on the outcome. (Go to her site and read the 3rd or 4th article from the top. The one with the pretty candle holder thing. She says it much better than I do.)  I’m pretty sure an errant asteroid isn’t going to alter its path to the earth simply because I’m worried about it. The same goes for Jack’s job. Either he’s laid off with the masses or he isn’t. Obsessing over it isn’t helping us move forward with our lives. Yes, we’re preparing (and have been preparing) for the possibility, but as of today I am refusing to picture child services taking our children because we’ll no longer be able to feed or clothe them. 

Instead of wasting energy worrying, I’ve decided that I owe it to myself, my husband, and my family to actually do something.  Starting this Tuesday I am going back to school to get recertified so I can go back to work.  It’s this whole on-line thing you’ve heard of, and judging from the syllabus? This shit is intense. Trust me, I’m not buying my re-certification. I get fifteen weeks of information and papers and projects shoved into three!! This sounds like the opposite of fun!!! But I’m not worried.

Another active step I am taking in managing my life is stepping out of the consumer game.  My children have a healthy sense of entitlement. Amelia secretly thinks Starbucks is a birthright. Olivia is mightily offended and confused when her requests for Happy Meals are declined. Amy – well… she’s okay, but it doesn’t mean that her life isn’t about to change by virtue of association. After all, how can I buy one  a $4.00 cup of hot chocolate/coffee and not the other?  I take ownership of this monster. It is my fault because I was a lazy parent. Because I felt I needed to get out of the house. I deserved a value meal. It’s only fair because Jack has lunch out Monday through Friday, right?  Anything to avoid the whining.  Will a crappy, chemical leeching  toy and stale chicken parts shut you up?? Then, YES! Order a Happy Meal! So yeah. It is my fault.

However, because I am now a woman of action, rather than simply worry about the fact that my children might be entitled little hellions, I am taking steps to curb it. In the process I’m certain I’ll “find” money to pay off my $1020 worth of personal debt faster than the current estimated 11/09.  We do not NEED more toys.  We do not NEED to eat out when I am a passable cook and we have food on hand. We do not NEED gourmet hot drinks.  Those things are treats, they are not necessities. We do not NEED to spend $200 on a birthday party for a 4 year old – but I also don’t need a bunch of 4-year-olds running around my home. We might NEED to find a cheap February alternative. I’ll think on that. I hear I can show up at Chic-fil-a with my party and they don’t care!

So yeah. That’s where I am today. I don’t NEED to worry about what I can’t affect. I NEED to do what I can to protect my family, but worrying doesn’t help. Action does.

Thank you Crazy Aunt Purl for enlightening me.


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  1. Glad to see you posting again, R! Good luck on your recertification!! ((hugs))

  2. ((hugs)) I am right there with you. I started worrying this week pretty badly but got it under control and am back in go mode. We are almost 3 months into the layoff but surviving! UGH.

    • Leslie,
      It’s really difficult to let go and let God and all that stuff, isn’t it?
      Hey, woman, for whatever reason I can’t log onto Feb. Moms. Have I been kicked out?

  3. So happy you are bloggin too! You are missed! I’ll email the admins and tell them to get you in. We should all be doing the less is more approach! GL!


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