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I haven’t talked about Project Fatass for a while

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149 days ago Jack and I started getting hawt. Okay, not really, but you know, less obese.  We were kicking some serious ass until about Thanksgiving when Jack jackknifed off the wagon in the name of “the holidays.”  He gained back 10 pounds and is currently in a battle to re-lose them.  To be honest, I couldn’t tell a difference in his appearance. Must be all the muscle he’s gained with all the running.  To date, he’s down 8 pounds and so only has 2 pounds to go to get to where he was 11.23.08.  I gained 3 pounds over Christmas. I have lost 2 of those pounds. I am within one pound of my pre-holiday binge. 

Weight: 177

BMI: 30.64 or something

Pounds left until I am merely overweight? I dunno. 5? 4? 6? Not much in the grand scheme. But it’s slow going friends because my workout time has been replaced with on-line edycatin’.  I’ve enrolled in a certain online university in order to get re-certified as a *gulp* teacher. So I can go back to work. Because we’re in uncertain economic times and having a husband who works in a huge company that has currently declared Chapter Holy Shit, it seemed like a wise move. 

Except, it’s really cutting into my personal me time spent on the treadmill, listening to The Veronicas, and feeling the burn in my thighs. You know, the time that I convinced myself I deserved because well, if you don’t take care of yourself and all that other talk you hear from people in the health industry. Yeah. I’ve pretty much been a no-show since … well, to be honest, since Christmas, but now my reason is legit. I gots ta get schooled.


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  1. I saw if you are only 1 pound of from preholidays you are still doing good! What do you think of the online stuff!? We miss you!


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