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Thank you i-pod shuffle for the title. Well, Janet Jackson. Thank you, Penny.  Not that it has anything to do with what I’m pretty sure is going to be a rambling post.  Where is this post going, anyway you’re wondering. Why to all things financial of course.  And by all things financial I mean my credit card. The one I paid off a few years ago, promised my husband I wouldn’t use ever again, and then totally went back on my word and ran back up to $1800. Because I am fiscally irresponsible and suffering from an inflated sense of entitlement.  To be clear, this is my credit card in my name only. It is solely my responsibility and while fortunately, there is money in our joint account that would wipe out my debt with one click of the button, I can’t bring myself to do it.  First, Jack would notice the change in numbers and then he’d be all “$1800???!!! You said $600 when I asked!!!” And I’d be all embarrassed and say something like, “Well, when you asked I’d just put $600 on it. You weren’t specific.” And then he’d be all, “I think my head is exploding.” And I’d be all, “If it really does then I’ll use your life insurance to pay it-” And then he’d do that thing where he holds up one finger (not that one) and I shut up for a second and then try again with the guilt. “It’s not like I used it for lunches out with the girls or like I had weekly massages or like I’m carrying a Coach purse. I was buying stuff we needed! GAWD, you’re so SELFISH!” And he’d be all stern and stoic and say something like, “Just. Get. It. Paid. Off.”  And then he’d say, “But not with OUR money. Use your own.”  And then I’d immediately call my BFF Glenda and we’d talk about what a jerk he is.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. I was going to write about the temptations of credit cards and what I’m doing to overcome them and become fiscally responsible like my life partner Jack over there who I am now kind of angry at. How dare he use that tone?! 

Right. So, apart from physically cutting up my card I knew that I needed some income to make this debt disappear. Unfortunately, I’m lazy and Jack’s traveling schedule makes it difficult for me work outside the home.  Wishing real hard for some money to fall in my account didn’t work out so well for me. Neither did looking pathetic when I mentioned my dilemma to my mother.  She sympathisized then changed the subject. Hey, Ma? Where’s my bailout?  So, I decided that the funds had to come out of my monthly stipened.  It would hurt, but not as much as the embarrassment of screwing up yet again.  This was the month that I began this strategy in earnest (ernst?) and with a little over a week left in January, I think I’m going to have close to $200 to put into the debt. Not too shabby considering that I pay $125 toward it every month anyway. That means that my debt will go from $1020 to $695. Of course, we must add in the $23 fee that I don’t understand back into it, so I’m back to $718. A lot, but way better than $1020.

Unfortunately, February is Olivia’s birthday month. Jack and Olivia seem to think she needs a party. I agree. They seem to think she needs a party at Run, Jump, and Gimme your Wallet. I disagree. I think they’ll have a different kind of fun at Chic-fil-a during the off hours, but it will still be fun. I mean really, chocolate milk, ice-cream, nuggets and a climber, what more do 4 year olds need? He thinks I’m being cheap. What say you, Internet? I’m willing to invite 10 of her bestest buddies and buy them lunch and supply cake and ice cream and buy their parents drinks and supply gift bags.  That’s like… what? $100 when all is said and done? I think that’s reasonable. $100 is worth it to me to not have it in my house.

Am I right? Or am I being foolish? ‘Cause “finding” another $200 in February would seriously kick. ass.  Just sayin’ is all.

Now that I’ve read my post I realize that it really was rambling and went nowhere near where I said it was going to go.  So, to make amends, things that I’ve done this month to “find” money: 1) stopped eating out at fast food restaurants. 2) wrote down every penny I spent on my desk calendar where I have to look at it. 3) made menus and grocery lists and stuck to them 4) told my children “NO.” 5) cut down on my driving. Not eating out has helped with this.

Go moi. Now YOU go forth and find some money of your own. Report back and let me know how you do!


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  1. Chik-fil-a sounds fantastic. If it’s “run, skip, steal your wallet” this year, what will it be next year? We’ve had our last two bday parties at the park. This year I ordered pizza and had it delivered, last year we BBQ’d. And! Chik-fil-a will appreciate the business. And the kids parents will appreciate you being small so their kids don’t ask for a trip to “leave a pile of money here”.

  2. I agree with Catherine, parents (am i on this invite list cause I love me the Chick’s lemonade) will appreciate not having the bar set ridiculously high. We did the run jump give me your oldest child when biggest girl was 7 (before it was popular and hence considerably cheaper – I think we were party #3 for them, and they hadn’t realized thier guilt inspired power yet), but we went to bowling for boy child (a lot cheaper), Marion Ross will be getting the chick fillet special you describe and well, cocopuff will be lucky to get some M&M’s in a dixie cup in the front yard with a sprinkler and her siblings ( sucks cause her b-day is in December).


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