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Today in a moment of purple passion I flippantly disclosed to Jack the amount I owe on my credit card. “You mean you’ve paid it down from that much,” he said quickly doing the mental math of where I said I was way back when I thought I could get by with half-disclosure.  “You can’t be mad at me,” I told him, waving my pancake flipping spatula in his gen-er-al di-rection. “Now is the time to celebrate! I am below $800!”

He shook his head. “Are you kidding me? You owed that much? Again?!”

“This is why I don’t tell you things,” I deflected. “It’s gah’ damn Mardi Gras time and all you’re focusing on is the negative. Besides, how can you be mad at me when I’m making you pancakes?”

Turns out he found it surprisingly easy.


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  1. So the piss and moan cloud is at our house too. Husband is mad about something and totally ruined oldest daughter and I’s shopping trip. When we returned home he was pissy despite that we were home within the allotted 90 minute window. Pissy that he had to watch the younger 3 children for 90 minutes. Pissy that I spent $48 on a pair of slacks (because I litterally have only 1 pair of pants that fit my boney ass), 2 tops, a pair of slippers and a winter hat( hat was for him to which he responded “I don’t wear hats”). His daughter was crushed and I was so mad I let him have it. He had a long day yesterday, had to work open to close and is getting ready for inventory on Monday – I get that. But I’ve been in this house for 5 days, snowbound with 4 kids, one of which has double ear infections and strep, another one who has developed his sisters strep and a third one who is just wild. I took a 90 minute break and took oldest kid out for bonding time because, as he says, I am too hard on her, we had a great time and he just pissed on it like it was nothing. Yet I am the one who says sorry, the one who can’t sleep for rage, and the one who will have to make it all better for everybody.Were is any of this fair?


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