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It isn’t every day that I wake up to a comment that 1) creeps the bejesus out of me or 2) threatens me with physical harm. In fact, I rarely wake up with comments at all. But in these past few weeks I have been the recipient of exactly one of each of the mentioned above. The first one was addressed to my daughter and just had an overall Misery tone about it. I won’t go into details here, but it was creepy. Not sexual, not pervy, just … wrong.  The second poster disagreed with my depiction of a certain Big Redneck Wedding and told me I’d have to go to church wearing make up to disguise my black eyes. Joke’s on you, Tera! I don’t go to church!!!

Honestly, people. First of all, your does not = you’re.  Never has, never will.  When I read “your [sic] about retarded” I’m left wondering my about retarded what? Brother Charlie?  It detracts from the threat. If you care enough to set the boys on me and send me to church with blackened eyes, then please care enough to proofread.


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  1. Gotta love idiot repliers!


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