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dscf0688So last week Renee turned four and I hate it. Not only the fourness of it, because four is typically a very rough year at Chez Rosie, but the idea that next year she will be five and then six and then married and living a few states over. Anyway, we were pretty low-key this year in terms of a party. Three of her best friends and one girl who kept staring at us from the next booth, so come on over and join us, celebrated her birthday with us at the local Chic-fil-a.  It was perfect – no grand preparations, just some good Christian food, a climber, and balloons.  I highly recommend it if you’re short on cash but want your kid to have a party. I checked it out with the manager beforehand and was assured they didn’t care as long as you bought food. They didn’t actually help, but they were happy to have us… buying food ;). Just come prepared with an extra treat bag in case some little kid won’t stop staring at you.

Anyway, back to the point. Renee is four and taller and sassier, but oh… just wonderful.  I know every parent says this, but I have never met a more social child. I’m pretty sure her spiritual mission in this world is to meet and greet everyone everywhere. We can’t go anywhere without meeting her “very good friend.” Sometimes her very good friend is 93 years old or covered in tattoos and piercings.  She is blissfully unaware of the subtle things that divide our race. I am certain she thinks she is the cosmic common thread.

She hates sitting still and does so only under durress.  The only time she is placid is when she is in the deep catches of sleep.  Otherwise she is moving, exploring, making friends, being Pajama Sam and saving the world from Darkness -sometimes attacking elephants or hugglesnorkers. Beware the hugglesnorker!!  This makes parenting her difficult – we want her to be still, to watch her sisters’ events, but there are things to do and people to be met and really, she’s four and there are bleachers! How can we possibly expect her to sit still when there are bleachers and other children?! What kind of cruel monsters are we??!!

The talking has not decreased. I don’t think it ever will. In fact, right now she is sitting on the toilet and talking to her reflection. “Hello meee! This me is poopin’. Are you poopin’ in the mirror me? I might need help wipin’- oh! Mommy’s pamamas are on the floor!” Heh, she just leaned forward too far and fell off the toilet. Annnnd she’s still talking, stepping on the scales, parrotting how important good handwashing skills are, spinning, moving, singing, washing…. It’s another thing that makes parenting her difficult. I am not proud that I’ve told her to stop talking – for five minutes. Please.  Just… stop. talking.  I’m not proud that sometimes I don’t even listen and my answers are not even well timed “mmm hmmm”, “wow!”, and “uh-huh.”

Jack is convinced she is our smartest child, and I am convinced she is too.  She makes connections that the other two didn’t (not cognitive slackers by any means) at this age. Maybe it was the progesterone pills I took daily to keep her in place – I’ve seen studies that progesterone babies have higher IQs. Maybe it’s because she has 4 people talking and moving and doing and teaching her. Maybe it’s because we are enamored with her, completely, irrevocably in love with this little girl who completed our spirits as well as our family.


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  1. Great post and she is a super cutie. Congrats and I happy 4th birthday!

  2. I have a “boy Olivia” if it makes you feel any better. I am WORN out at night just listening to him talk and the ENDLESS moving and doing! I LOVE him to pieces. You are not the ONLY parent to ask your child to hush for five minutes…..

  3. Great 48 month post! 😉


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