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Believing your own press

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I don’t get a lot of comments. I like to think it’s because people are too busy nodding emphatically and the typed YES! feels inadequate. I’m okay with a quiet comment section. I’ve made my peace.

Or have I?

Spammers are a tricky lot. You’ll get a thousand or so offers to





And thenyou get something that alllllllmost looks legit and thoughtful (Harvey@ MakeYour RussianTitty Cum  thinks my post  is “well-written and thought provoking.” Of course it is Harvey! I put a lot of thought into  – wait, what post was that? Heeeey… all I did was link to another site.  Thoughtfully.) and a small little part of your soul is all, “Wheeeee!  Someone read me!!! What are they doing in the spam folder? Weird! Just let me check approoov-” But I’m savvy now y’all. You’re gonna have to do better than that, Harvey. I’m on to you.


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  1. I AM legit. I do laugh, nod and EMPHATICALLY agree with most of what you post…..keep on postin and humoring me!

  2. Agreed. I love reading and post often…keep posting!

  3. LOL. Keep me entertained R!

  4. Ha! I just started reading and I am not a spammer!


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