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I say “just do it”

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I will qualify this with the statement that I have never used illegal drugs. I don’t know what “high” feels like unless you count the times I’ve been in labor and they gave me the stuff that made me giggle. That was some good shi’ right there y’all. I have never been around someone using illegal drugs at the time they were actually inhaling or whatever. I hope my children choose not to become lovable, but irresponsible potheads.

I do however think that it’s time to legalize the Mary Jane and tax the hell out of it.


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  1. Why the recent pro-pot stance. We are way too old to smoke our first doobie.

  2. It’ll keep us young. We might be old and saggy, but we’ll be too high to care!!!

    I dunno, but it seems 77 million dollars spent on the “drug war” might be better spent if we decriminalize the least hazardous of the illegals. Or, Mexico could decriminalize it and all the stoners could move there.

  3. saggy? Have you been peeking at me naked – I am starting a new web site – – for pervs that like post beriatric shar pei looking chicks.


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