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When I was in 6th grade there was a boy who made me cry. I hated him. He teased me mercilessly and one day he said, “Hey Rosie, want me to pop that zit on your neck?” and I was all, “Wha???” And then he reached over and squeezed my head until I nearly cried. But I didn’t cry because that’s not how I roll. I just really hated him with all the fire I could manage and wished like hell I was The Firestarter so I could go all Drew Barrymore on him.
Today Jack and I were hanging out as we do and I asked him if he’d ever been punched. “Yeah,” he said slowly.  I like when he says things slowly (unless he’s being a dick. Then he’s just being patronizing.). “When I was 12.”  He told me the story of how when he was at scout camp some boy sucker punched him. I was all, “What did you dooo??!!!” and he was all. “I punched him back.” And I was all, “THAT IS SO SEXY.” He agreed it was very manly of him.  “What did you do then?” I asked. “Did you proceed to kick his ass?!”  And he was all, “Nah. I held him in a nuggie hold until he calmed down. God, I hated that kid.”


Jack and I are so perfect together.


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  1. Wow! That is pretty cool!!


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