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Ant-acid flashback

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There’s this Bevis and Butt*head show where Bevis attempts to read something. It goes like this: “Please use… cau-… cau-ti-.. caut- ion-… What the hell’s ‘caut-ion?'” And then he continues “reading” as such “… words words words words.”  Bevis is to reading as Rosie is to math.

My assignment this week is to create a lesson plan for math using problem solving and manipulatives and following the example as given on pg. 81 in our text. I’m aware it could only be more direct if my instructor had said “using this exact problem and these exact manipulatives create a lesson plan.”  But it’s MATH and my default mode is Math=’s NOT DO-ABLE!!! and I’m freaking the frack out because daaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a 4.0 average under my on-line continuing education belt and it’s KILLING ME that math is going to ruin that.  “Rise up to the challenge,” Jack cheers. “Yew ken dew it!!!” (His default is Speedy Gonzalez. Don’t judge.)  Me thinks that tonight I will make promises of oral sex if he does my homework for me. It’ll be high school all over. Remind me later to hunt down my uniform skirt and knee socks. He’ll like that.

So that’s where I’ve been readers reader in case you’ve been concerned. But never fear! 10 more days of academic hell and I’m finished!!  As soon as my credits get whatevered to that form I think I have to fill in? I’m all yours. If I pass math methods that is.


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