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Rosie, you’re probably asking me, how is posting updates on your mental health and state of your toes getting your DO THIS OR FAIL math unit finished by Sunday? 

It’s not. I just haven’t mulled the unit over enough. (I wonder if I can do one on the probablity of at least 2 of their friends being taken down by a NEW STRAIN OF OMG!!!) I’m a muller. And a complainer. But mostly, when confronted with a project I mull. And complain. And then just when everyone’s finished with me and sick to death of hearing how difficult this particular project is for me because I’m more special than anyone else ever, I start writing and 8 hours later have a finished project that will make the gods weep with its elegance and subtlety.

But right now I’m mulling.  And watching tivo’d episodes of Doctor Who (#9, thank you very much) and reading fanfiction that makes my toes curl.  There’s one out there starring #9 and Rose Tyler where I was all, “Jack is sooooo gonna benefit from this!!”  Never worry though, come Friday night, I’ll be ALL OVER this math unit assignment.

I hope.

** I’m finished. Suck on that bishes!!!!! Now let us have no more of that nasty “mathspeak.”


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  1. bleh! Math! I’ll come back when you stop using such nasty words. 😉


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