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The Lustyyyyyy month of May

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I posted this last year about this time and dedicated it to my bff Glenda and I’m doing it again this year.

That’s some lusty teeter-tottering happening around 3:30 – CONTROL YOURSELVES LADIES! WE ARE ROYALTY!


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  1. Oh my. I had no idea. So, was your offer accepted and Jack helped with your math? Is it time to celebrate? Have a wonderful lusty month of May. Are you dancing around the May pole? 😉

    • Well, not as much as I’d hoped. He didn’t actually do any of the work for me. He was all, here’s an idea. Oh, wait, here’s another idea – and then he’d stop and I’d get frustrated and just do the damned thing because he was purposefully being useless. So no. He will not get the reward.

  2. We were so cool all those years ago – so cool we didn’t even realize how cool we were, so cool bitches and daughters of famous tennis coaches daughters couldn’t concieve of our brilliance ya thats it ya ya we were so cool – aw screw it we weren’t cool, still aren’t cool, but lovin all that is the sum total of uncool, finally self-possesed, comfortable with our uniqness, and proud of all the loopy queer stuff we did in the car listening to an eight track with a cassette player converter and jazz hands. For one brief shinning momment there was a place called Camalot.


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